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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner painting aquired by patrons of the Seattle Art Museum

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner painting shown in the exhibition organized at the Seattle Art Museum.


Ernst Ludwig Kirchner catalogue, blue and black modern designed cover, 1968.

While working at the Seattle Art Museum, Thomas Maytham organized a retropective exhibition of the work of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Above is the cover of the catalogue for the exhibition: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - a Retrospective Exhibition: Seattle Art Museum, November 23, 1968 - January 5, 1969.

Maytham Fine Art Advisors offer unparalled experience in establishing accurate valuations of American and European painting, sculpture, drawing and fine art prints. Not only has Thomas Maytham appraised fine art for more than 30 years, he was closely involved with major musuem purchases.

Valuations of all categories of Fine Arts in clients' collections, or on the open market, are available for purposes of:

Valuations for insuring a collection (or selected works) can be scheduled on an annual or multi-year basis in order to assure that insurance coverage is appropriate in changing markets. Successive collection appraisals also serve as an inventory in case of theft or lost. Valuations remain current, and condition is regularly noted. And each report contains photographs. The information can be provided to your insurance company annually. And new acquisitions can be entered in to the Insurance inventory as they occur.

In addition to collectors, Estate Planning attorneys, financial planners, and tax experts can may benefit from incorporating art object valuations into their clients' current and annual tax planning.

Appraisals for all purposes adhere to the the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Prepared over the years by professional appraisers' associations, the Publication contains the generally accepted and recognized standards, and recommended procedures, for professional appraisal preparation.

If you'd like to see an example of our valuation documents, please feel free to contact us.