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Fine Art Advisors

Vincent VanGogh painting The Weaver owned by the Bostom Fine Art Museum

The Weaver by Vincent VanGogh, owned by the Boston Museum of Fine Art.

For clients wishing to sell art, Maytham Art Advisors stand objectively outside the transaction, not influenced by potential profit, and work only for our clients interests when appraising fine artwork.

From determining an artwork's market value to selecting the most appropriate method of sale — whether private sale or at auction — Maytham Fine Art Advisors can advise and assist collectors, corporations, attorneys, estate executors, and art museums when it's time to sell artwork.

For apprasisals and art advice, Maytham Art Advisors make use of a wide spectrum of research skills from historical knowledge bases to contemporary web databases, and have helped major museums aquire and major collectors sell — from Denver to Boston.

Whether a knowledgable collector or someone to who simply inherits artwork, our fine art advisors have the experience to meet your needs. We have bartered trades of major art works, and have helped with selling of artwork from estates. Additionally, we can advise on the possibly unfamiliar fiduciary tasks of disposing of art works from a client's collection.

Member: Appraisers Association of America, American Association of Museums.